Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Random Things Heard at Bunco Last Night

Last night at Bunco, I started writing down bits and pieces of what I heard and had no idea how I was going to string it into a story for you all. Then, I realized IT'S TUESDAY!


Random Thoughts Tuesday - no stringing required!


So here goes total random things I heard at Bunco last night:

~ 12 women + alcohol = a sound that does not occur in nature

~ One of those and I'd be under the table. Like in a Bunco coma; a buncoma

~ Toss 'em with flourish

~ Ole

~ So did you get any?

No, but I will later.

~ We have a bonus player people, Sugar is in the house!

~ I was doing great at losing, but now I'm not.

~ I try to yell at a low level.

~ Shut Up!

No, you shut up!

Shut the f up!

Shtup, shtup, shtup, shtup!

~ Picture Pages, Picture Pages, Time to get you Picture Pages, Time to get your crayons and your pencils. . .

~ Dethroning

~ Booooots

~ My boys can swim!

~ Chest bumping! Owwww!

~ It's like a squishy dildo . . . with only one ball.

~ Big Mistake. Big. Huge.

~ Possible Bunco injuries: sprained wrist, drunken fall

~ It's not fit for human consumption, but you can cook an egg with it.

~ I just need to lose.

~ Oooo, a three way.

~ Can you keep the noise below the level of a jet engine?

~ Why can't you NOT like something on Facebook?

~ Deep Throating

~ Uh, No.

Well, it doesn't get much randomer than that. Click here or on the pretty purple button at the top of the page for more randomness.

Silver Lining:
  1. Last night was sooo much fun! Girlfriend time is the best!

  2. You can put your own spin on anything on the list and you'll most likely be spinning the right way. We're just wild and crazy that way.


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