Monday, January 1, 2018


It's a new year, it's time for a fresh start. Sort of.

I'm not in the mood to change up all the design of my page right now, so that stays the same.

There have been a ton of changes since I last posted here, but we're mostly the same goofy family.

Still married to Hubby and we still live in Pleasantville.

Stinkles is twelve - participates in the Character Council, Girl Scouts, soccer, school musical, and does college level research projects. She's also a good kid, but that drummer in her head is still playing a death dirge - ugh!

Cupie is fourteen - a soccer goalie, cheerleader, member of the National Junior Honor Society, Girl Scout, active member at church, generally a good kid. But, Dude! She has all the snark and attitude that's uber typical of a fourteen year old!

And she's still as klutzy as ever.

So Hubby and I are sitting in the family room watching Shameless and there is a commotion from the kitchen. Like the kind you hear in Scooby-Doo - ZOINKS!

I tried to jump up from the couch, but we have those electric footrests, and putting them down is slower than the old lady with the stair lift in Gremlins (before the Gremlins get to it). By the time I get to the kitchen, Cupie is still standing there dumbfounded. I think she was shocked because her perfectly prepared bowl of cereal was on the floor amongst the lunch crumbs, a stool, and a rogue sock.

Apparently, her feet were on the stool, she went to get up, tangled her feet in the stool legs and KERPLOSH! Cereal on the floor! That's a direct quote.

I looked at the floor again - there was cereal and a bowl, but no milk splatter. WTH!?!?

The kid puts milk on the cereal, dunks all the cereal pieces, drinks the milk out and then eats the cereal. It's to ensure the cereal doesn't get soggy, just moist (ewe, moist).


Silver Lining:

  1. I didn't have anyone crying over spilled milk.
  2. I didn't have to clean up any spilled milk either.


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