Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Maytag Repair Man

I'm a newbie to blogging, but I gotta write this stuff down somewhere!

The dryer broke last week - no heat. A neighbor, Emerson, came over and helped my husband disassemble it so they could figure out what was wrong. Good thing Emerson was there; Hubbyb is pretty handy, but this was definitely a job for someone with a little more experience.

Let's just say, I now have a dryer in pieces and a part (hopefully, the right one) on the way. The laundry room is on the second floor of our house - thank goodness; otherwise, I'd have parts strewn about the main living area!

Right now the drum is sitting at the top of the stairs. I never thought there was enough room for a little table in the corner up there, but we've gotten used to the drum being there. Maybe I should throw a piece of plywood and a table cloth on top. There is an outlet so I could add a lamp and some chochkies.

Our laundry was really starting to pile up because I thought Hubby and Emerson would get it fixed and I'd be able to move on. Nope - it's been down since last Wednesday and the part should arrive in 5-7 days from now. So, I've had to improvise. I have laid my daughter's waterproof mattress pads over the stair railing and laid clothes across them. I have underwear draped over hangers and hanging from the hall bathroom shower rod. I don't have a lot of those pants hangers, you know, the ones where the pants are hung at full length, so I've got binder clips holding pants lengthwise from regular hangers.

The upstairs is a sight to behold! You can only imagine!

Silver lining:
1. I've learned to prioritize the laundry so we've all got clean clothes instead of a bunch of clean towels, but nothing to wear. I have more clean clothes hanging in my closet than I usually do.
2. It's spurred us on to finally organize the laundry room. It's pretty tight and storage has been lacking. This project has given us an excuse to actually change that.
3. My husband actually listened to me about getting help with a household repair!!!

I'll keep you posted!

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