Monday, December 29, 2008

Male Rationalization

When my husband asks me if he can have or do somthing, he has a habit of dancing around the subject. He usually gets me to agree to whatever it is before I really know what I'm agreeing to. So when I got the following phone call, my gut started sending up warning flares, alarms started blaring in my head and I swear I heard lightening strike.


M: Hello

R: Hey, it's me. Is your mom still going to be there tonight?

M: Yah

Warning flares started going up!

R: Well, I didn't know if she was going to your sister's

M: Why? (still very suspicious)

R: If I could get Guitar Hero World Tour for $5.65, would you let me keep it?

M: All of it? Drums & all?

I'm totally thinking he's full of sh*t! There is no way he got a $190 game for less than $100, let alone less than $10. Besides, all those blasted alarms started going off!

R: Yup, all of it

M: And it works?

R: Yes

I could hear the glee in his voice. He's worse than a kid in a candy store sometimes.

M: Well, I guess so . . .

Lightening strikes!

R: Good, because I got $200 for putting up all those shelves today so the net, including tax, is only $5.65.

M: What if I said I would rather have the 200 bucks?

R: Apparently, you didn't listen to my earlier question. I asked if I could get it for $5.65, would let me keep it? Implying that I already had it.

M: (long sigh)


Silver lining:
1. I get to go over to Roxie's more often while the boys have "band" practice. (It doesn't start until after the kids are in bed - hee, hee)
2. Hubby doesn't use the stickers that are included to "decorate" the components so the girls got two lovely sticker sheets of skulls, flames, warriors, dragons & what-not.

The only problem with this "Rock Band" is finding a lead singer. I've heard most of the neighborhood guys try their hand at karaoke - yikes! However, if Dash could get off that second shift . . .

2 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

Anonymous said...

I've never seen Rob so excited as he was opening the box that held his "new" prize- yes, he was like a kid in the candy store:)

We had a "rock band" going in no time - Ellie and Rob on the guitars, Kate on the drums, Mom and Grandma got to sing a song. I never realized how many words I can make up in just one song!!! I was doing more body movements than I was singing:):) While I'm sure I felt like a young Brittney Spears, swiveling those hips, I know I looked like an old woman who should be careful with her hips (they get a little stiff at this age). Glad only the kids saw me:():):)

What fun we had....thanks Melania for saying YES!

amber @ amberpagewrites said...

That's pretty sneaky...but I like the way he thinks!

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