Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm a Glutton for Punishment

Here I go again – thinking I’m organized enough to whip something up for an event!

A new Bunco group was starting up in New Town and in LI style, I wanted to bring something homemade.

I had just gotten a cookie press for Christmas. It’s super cool because it runs on batteries. The cookie press came with recipes for both cookies and appetizers/crackers.

I make cookies for my other Bunco group, but I didn’t want to do the same thing. So flipping through the recipes, I chose as appetizer called “Gougeres”.

That’s a fancy-schmancy way of saying Basil Cream Puffs! The recipe book even has them titled as Gougeres and in parentheses, Basil Cream Puffs. It’s like the Wilton people putting the recipe book together decided to include Gougeres, but the editor said it was too high faluntin’ when it’s really as simple as Basil Cream Puffs. I’m sure there was a huge outcry by the Julia Child Fan Club about this, and after heavy debate, a compromise was reached. The recipe would be titled “Gougeres (Basil Cream Puffs)”. There, I hope everyone is happy.

This Bunco group is on Thursdays so on Wednesday night I did the responsible thing and fetched all the dry ingredients we had in the kitchen and checked the supply of everything else. I made a tick mark by any ingredients I needed to buy at the grocery store. I wasn’t so responsible as to go out and actually buy these ingredients that same night. I was just going to do it on my way home Thursday.

The grand plan (in this order) was to:
* Bust it out of work right at five
* Stop at the IGA for ingredients
* Pick up the kids at daycare
* Get home & start the oven
* Cook up the dough, pipe the dough onto cookie sheets & throw them in the oven
* Make up the cream cheese spread
* Feed the kids PB&J
* Dig out the centers of the cream puffs & fill with cream cheese spread
* Head off to Bunco at 6:30-ish

Well, I didn’t leave work until almost 5:15. I pulled into the IGA parking lot & got out the recipe (to make sure I got all the tick marks). I needed parchment paper, cream cheese, dried chives, & goat cheese – GOAT CHEESE!?!?!?! Oh, crud! The IGA is good for staples and a decent selection of basic meats, but GOAT CHEESE??

The first three were fairly easy to find. In the cheese section of the dairy department, I found cheddar, American, mozzarella, Gouda, feta. A glimmer of hope rose up, but alas, no goat cheese.

For occasions such as this, I have the New Town Market, Marsalla’s, as a contact in my cell phone. I gave them a quick, frantic call and breathed a sigh of relief – they had goat cheese.

OK, I picked up the kids without incident (by some miracle), got the goat cheese and got straight to work as soon as I got home. The ovens were on and I started preparing the dough (which wasn’t as hard as I was lead to believe). I piped the dough onto cookie sheets, opened the oven to pop them in, but there were no racks!

Rob had cleaned the ovens a couple of nights ago and the racks were still sitting out. Fortunately, that was an easy fix.

Whew, I was in the home stretch. The rest of the process went pretty smoothly and I made it to Bunco just before seven. What an exciting (though time crunchily stressful) couple of hours!

Silver lining:
1. Thank heavens for Marsalla’s Market. They have saved me numerous times before.
2. I have a new recipe to share. Without a stressful time crunch, I would definitely make these again.
3. At Bunco, I met some new people, got to know others better & had a grand time with my friends; new and old.

3 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

Anonymous said...

Melania, you've come a LONG way in the "cooking department".........I remember one day coming home from work and there you were (maybe about 10 or 12 years old) standing at the stove making supper. You were so happy when you lifted the lid from the pan to show me what you had "cooked". I looked in the pan to find uncooked noodles, some yellow looking powder sauce and cold water. I stood there and watched you stir it with a spoon. And THAN I saw what appeared to be raw meat floating in your pan. When I asked what your were making, you looked at me and said, "Well it's hamburger helper!" (like I should know this by looking in the pan!)- what does a mother do at a time like this??? Hum, ORDER PIZZA and then explain, as gently as I could, that you must cook the hamburger first, boil your water before mixing all ingred. together - and most important, it helps to read the instructions.

I'm so thankful my words of wisdom have carried you through into your adult life. I can sleep easier now that I know you can make it through any cooking crisis - On the other hand, my mother's words of wisdom never really helped me - I hate to cook:):):)

Silver Lining - I have a sister who LOVES to cook

The Mom

Melania said...

I recall this event as well. I also remember that I thought if you stuck a bar of soap in the sink, you would get the suds you needed to wash the dishes. I've come a long way there as well. Now I take a little bar of soap lookin' thingy and stick it in a machine that washes dishes for me! Hmmm, maybe I didn't really learn anything on that lesson.

Anonymous said...

Well some lessons are easier to learn than we need a class on "Uses for a bar of Soap 101?????" Stick your tongue out and I'll show you:):):)
Ha, I crack myself up:):)
The Mom

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