Friday, May 8, 2009

Get Smart

If you are in a technical field most people assume you are smart, correct?

Take, for instance, anything to do with computers. If you can open a box, connect cables, insert several plugs into a power strip, AND make a computer turn on, you’re doing okay. Get that internet thing goin’ on and you’re doing good.

Let’s take that to the next level. Let’s say, you can figure out how to connect more than one computer, set up a fire wall, route your telephone, and get movies on the TV using nothing more than a little box and a black cable, you’re on a roll!

There are a lot of people who have accomplished the above within their homes. We have all that, but that’s only because Hubby is a computer networking guru. It’s certainly not because of my computer know-how.

If it were up to me, I would have a land line, cable, and one computer with dial-up.

You know why?

Because someone else would have come in and hooked all this stuff up for me. And each one would remain separate so that I could tell exactly what which one is broken without using any non-existent computer/electronics troubleshooting abilities.

Hubby’s abilities go much further than home electronics, but I couldn’t even begin to tell you what else he does – it’s that complicated. He’s the guy that takes all those 24-like computer/electronic gadgets and makes them all “talk” to each other.

On the subject of 24 – that Chloe character has got to be smart, right? She hacks into all the s*ck-*ss networks (that Hubby did not set up/secure) in order to obtain necessary schematics to top secret underground tunnels and reprogram their computers to play the Hamster Dance every time there was an incoming e-mail.

Computer programming. Now, there’s some genius.

How many people understand that language?

Honestly, how many of my fellow bloggers been to The Blog Doctor whenever you’ve wanted to do something cool, but Blogger didn’t have a readily available gadget? How do you all think I figured out how to put those tabs on the top of my page?

On a daily basis, I walk amongst such geniuses. We have almost an entire floor of our building housing electrical engineers and programmers. These are the guys we depend on in order to create the product the sales department has already sold. They better be smart!

Imagine my surprise the other day, as I was walking to the break room (I think I needed more potato chips), which requires a walk amongst the geniuses, when I heard someone whistling.

What were they whistling, you ask?


Silver Lining:

1. This person was only one out of over a hundred in the engineering department.

2 . In an economy like this, we’re still producing what the customers want and the customers are still buying. We’re more fortunate than other companies out there.

7 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

The 1.000.000 Project said...

Do you think you could send one of those geniuses my way? I just need one for about 20 minutes or so! I have this recording DVD thingy sitting on top of my TV collecting dust because honestly... I don't know what connecting-thingy goes in to which connecting-thingy-home. And I've had it for 3 years. So sad!

Anonymous said...

You had me at LEVEL one (the second paragraph) opening the box! How does that saying go - "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" (but perhaps folks will be lucky enough to have a daughter who marries the computer guru) In this case both my son-in-laws rock with computer skills!

And I let the kids think I know nothing....because like Chloe the spy, I did google a store looking for a particular undergarmet. It takes me to Amazon - NOW ask yourself, WHY would I find my undergarmet in a book store website! When I looked up and saw the "Welcome back _______. If you are not _____, yada, yada, yada comment, well my name wasn't there. But, low and behold there was your "hubby's" name at the top of the screen. HUM, now why would his name be there? I was going to call and ask about that.........
I think he hacks into my computer sometimes:):):)

So you see folks, nothing is secret on the internet, even from folks who don't know anything about computers! And you don't even have to hum "if i only had a brain":) to find something strange and out of the normal. The Mom

MzzLily said...

I not only can open the box, I can plug the thingy into the whatchamacallit! I set up my own home network! But when I get really stuck, I call my son-in-law, the self-professed geek! Now I know why they pay him so well!

PS. Love the tabs!

SquirrelQueen said...

My hubby and I build our own computers so no problems there. When it comes to hooking up the little thingy I seem to have more patience than he does.
I like to go into the computer store and, after the geeks have pegged me as a dumb blonde, I go into geek speak and watch their mouth hit the floor. Such fun.

myra said...

My husband has to come to me even to figure out how to use the TV remote.And I am no genius but doing things on web pages I have to go to my daughter.

The Laughing Idiot said...

1,000,000 - If it's been up there for three years it's probably outdated. I suggest getting a new one with an instruction manual. Kidding aside, I'd send you one if I actually knew any of there names. We meanial office-types don't get to mingle with the geniuses :)

Mom - You get plenty of help whenever you need it. Of course, he hacks in. You think he's going to travel 500 miles once a week :)

MzzLily - My mom loves her sons-in-law too. Good thing you daughter married him - at least he's good for something besides giving you grandkids :)

SQ - Sounds like fun. I'm always afraid I'll say the wrong thing and completely embarrass myself so I just keep my mouth shut. Honestly, sometimes those guys at the big box stores embarrass themselves even more - especially when you ask a question and they just read the box or the shelf tag. I feel like saying, "Dude, I can read." :)

Myra - We have one of those universal remotes. God forbid anything happened to my husband AND I had to buy a new TV. I'd be so screwed, but I guess I could call my brother-in-law - ya, ya, that's the ticket :)

DirtRaceFan said...

Great blog! I am no whiz but can figure out most things when it comes to my home stuff, but ask me something complicated and my friend Chris gets a call or text (now days), now he is a computer/electronics guru! - And M you failed to mention you are the "Excel Queen"; smiles! - Danny

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