Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jewel of a Find

I had been searching and searching for the right piece of furniture to act as a sideboard in my dining room. I needed something that wasn’t any deeper than 14” and had storage. A charger and serving platters had to fit in it too.

Oh yah, it had to be cheap, but nice. Hubby was a little tired of my decorating expenses. Sometimes you have to give them a little sense of control so I agreed to look for something less than $75.

I found things on Craigslist, but they were either too ugly, too expensive, too deep, too long, too tall, too not storage-y.

Then miracle of miracles, I found one that was nice looking, perfect depth & length, had plenty of storage, a little on the tall-ish side, but it was FREE!

How did I come upon this jewel? Well, it all started one night after dinner.

Ken, Barbie & brood had come over for dinner. The kids were driving us nuts so they were relegated to the upstairs. Hubby & Ken got out Guitar Hero (the one that only cost $5.65 – are we lucky or what?) and started jammin’. So Barbie & I were left alone for chit-chat. That by itself is a miracle.

A few glasses of wine (each) and lots of girly talk led us to the office closet. I can sense the gears in your brain moving. You know all the men reading this leaned forward and went “there”, right?

I just “had” to show her the fabulous curtain material I scammed a deal on (The guys just slumped back in their chairs. Did you hear it? I’ll be lucky if they bother to keep reading).

While poking around, Barbie noticed a bookcase. Cherry in color, glass doors, about 14” deep. Now the gears in our brains got chuggin’. They had totally been slowed down by all the wine.

“Why don’t you use this in the dining room?”

“Because it’s filled with crap.”

“Get a measuring tape, let’s see if it will fit.”

“Barbie, look at all the CRAP. And there’s all this crap on the floor in front of it.”

You could barely walk into the 6X6 closet!!

I rolled my eyes. We measured the bookcase.

“Fine, I guess it will fit. Now where am I going to put all this crap.”

“Worry about that later.” She started taking stuff out and setting it on the futon. Sure, I’ll worry about it later. Like when she’s gone home and doesn’t have to worry about it herself.

The futon was loaded up and we were ready to move the bookcase out of the closet. We needed those moving men thingys – good thing they were part of the crap that was in the bookcase earlier.

As we were pulling/pushing the bookcase out of the closet, we had to turn it right away, but the futon was in the way. Since we had loaded it up with crap, it was heavy. Some of the crap needed to be moved. So we put it by the closed side of the double doors to the room.

With the futon out of the way, we made tracks across the office floor to the door. Crap! We needed the second door to the room opened to get it out. We had to move the crap back to the futon.

To get to the dining room we had to go through the family room. The boys were in the middle of a song so we just stood there letting the bookcase hold us up (remember a lot of wine was involved – our limbs were wobbly enough without the added deprivation of oxygen from all the crap movement).

When they finished (never mind pausing the game), they moved out of the way so we could push it across the room. Did they help us? No. Did they even offer to help us? No. We didn’t really need them, but it would have been nice.

After quarter-inching (you know when you move something just a smidge to the left, right, back, forward, up, down and then move it back again – this drives men nuts, you women should try it sometime for a little fun and/or revenge for whatever manish thing he did) the bookcase about fifty times, we got it right.

Five kitchen cabinet shelves later, all the fancy-wear made it to the dining room.

Barbie & her brood left, and of course, I still had an empty office closet and a futon full of crap.

Hell’s bells, I’ll worry about that later!

Silver lining:

1. I have five empty shelves in the kitchen – whoo who, I can move the miscellaneous kitchen gadgets out of the pantry and into the kitchen. More room for food – we like food so it’s a good thing.

2. Did I mention the bookcase was free? Of course, I paid for it at one point, but in accountant speak, that’s a sunk cost.

3. All the crap made it back into the office closet right before my mom came to visit three weeks later. Did it take me three weeks to move it all back? Oh, no – it took three weeks to come up with the motivation.

4. I managed to use the word crap 13 times in one post. Gee mom, you must be so proud.

9 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

Cathi said...

I sooo relate to what you my family too..well. I do have a hubby who might offer. But I laughed. good for me thanks to you. come visit my blog.. I think we have a lot in common. Only when I drink I fall asleep. Cathi
tell me how you got your site so great looking.

MzzLily said...

Repurposing is my favorite way to decorate. My BF & I get lots of our decorating/landscaping ideas over a bottle of wine!

- Jan - said...

So, did you get the 'crap' out of your way eventually? I hope so :)
Oh, I'm passing the friendship award to you, but to this blog, instead of the gardener one :)
Please pick it up at:
See you there.

SquirrelQueen said...

There is nothing like a little wine to inspire our decorating skills.

That is so funny, even funnier since it reminded me of the last time I rearranged the guest bedroom. I did the inch to the left, half inch to the right dance that day.


~K~ said...

I love the fact that you used the word "crap" 13 times and actually counted it as well.

Anonymous said...

Mom thinks you have TOO MUCH CRAP!:)

Barbie, thank you for putting up with, I mean helping her move all that CRAP-you are a true friend.

To all your followers out there: here is a bit of information for you; it was her mom that started the "quarter of inch" movement. It used to DRIVE HER CRAZY when I would do that and now she is doing it!!!!! HA HA, my child, your fear has finally come true - you ARE just like your mother:):):):)

Imagine, in your mind, your mother coming much time do you need to clear up any CRAP? I'll be there about 4:00 PM, will that give you enough time?????

Great Blog!

The Laughing Idiot said...

I get some of my best ideas over a bottle of wine and a really good friend to bounce them off of makes it even better.

I do have way too much crap, but it is all shoved into closets, the garage & the basement so visitors are not really aware of the magnitude - just don't open the coat closet.

BTW - with these comments, the crap count is up to 20!

Anonymous said...

AHHHHH, WINE, yes that does help us remember and plan to repurpose our crap.

As a matter of fact - we ALL have to much CRAP, so let's just redefine the word to "STUFF" and start a new movement? It could be a Catch 22 (which is what the count is now for the word of the day):)
The Mom

DirtRaceFan55 said...

Just because you have shoved into closets, the garage & the basement does not mean it is not there LOL. Great story M, had a nice laugh today and needed it. - Danny

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