Friday, August 21, 2009

Second Dear So and So "Letters

Dear So and So...

Dear Loyal Readers:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Not only did you vote me into the top ten Blogs in Babeland, you made me number one!

You’re all number one in my book,

Dear Stinkles:

When you chatter non-stop, you drive Mommy nuts. So when I tell you to, “Be quiet,” that does not mean you should continue to chatter in a whisper. It means, “Shut the hell up,” but that would be rude so I don’t say that.

Now you know.

Love you lots,

Dear Cupie:

When you ask for something for Christmas, make sure you know what it is you’re asking for. When you come up to me and say, “You know how I asked you for an I-Pod from Christmas? Well, now I know what it is,” I have to pick my jaw up off the floor and stammer for something to say.

Mommy’s not usually at a loss for words and being stumped by a five year old is just not cool.


Dear Jack-In-The-Box Bathroom Designers:

What's up with the mirror? Or should I say lack thereof above the sink? There used to be one, I can see the brackets.

I had to use the one on the wall behind me (opposite the sink) to make sure I didn't have any stray ketchup on my face. It would have been more conveinent to take care of that with a little water from the sink while I was still in front of it.

Oh, wait a minute. At one point both mirrors were up (one above the sink & one directly behind) and people got tired of being able to see how fat their butts are getting from eating all that fast food, right?

Don't you think it would have made more sense to take down the mirror opposite the sink?

I'm just saying,

That’s all I’ve got to say. To see what others are saying, visit Kat at 3 Bedroom Bungalow.

Silver Lining:

  1. I couldn't see how big my butt got after eating that crispy chicken sandwich and curly fries with my DIET Coke.

  2. I've recovered from Cupie's revelation. She is not getting an I-Pod for Christmas, case closed.

  3. Bedtime comes at 8PM every day for Stinkles. Serenity now!

  4. I have the best readers EVER!

13 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

therealbobthought said...

i love them jack and such eateries, those hamburger is really good, bess eats them fish sanmitches tho , ipod, now you gone and done it bess gotta hve one of them now.

therealbobthought said...

oh yeah bess said congrats on winnin

Sandy said...

So when she started whispering instead of not talking, you laughed right? I did.

Chanda said...

The non-stop chatter. OH MY! My 3 year old is driving me nuts! But I suppose there might be a day when she won't want to talk to me and then I'll long for the chatter. Well...maybe not! LOL! :)

Big Mama Cass said...

lmao!!! good stuff :)

Lorri said...

I've always thought that the healthiest moms are the ones who can admit at the end of a verbally long day their mind is thinking 'shutthehellupworld' even while their mommy mouth manages to say, "Thank you, honey, for sharing that with mommy for the one hundred and twenty-third time."

moooooog35 said...

They took out the mirrors in the bathroom to stop you from staring into it saying:

"Mother of God...I can't believe I just ate at Jack-in-the-Box."

DirtRaceFan55 said...

Congratulations and this was another great post.

anymommy said...

Did the letter work? Because I have a ceaseless chatterbox of my own. Amen to early bedtimes.

Angel said...

Congrats and I really enjoyed this, I am sad to say that I have never been to Jack-In_the_box so I do not know of this double mirror thing, but it does seem a tad counterproductive for business.

Heather said...

Stopping by from SITS.

I love your silver lining look at life.

Does a 5 year old really need an ipod? 'Cause I don't even one of my own (I borrow my husband's) and I'm 35!

Ali said...

My mom used to give me a "shut the hell up" look and boy did it work! I haven't perfected it though--my kids seem to think it's the "be quiet for 5 seconds then start talking again" look!

Mike DeNeut said...

I would like to say, I just checked out ur blog... Keep on keepin on..

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