Monday, October 5, 2009

I Said . . .

Hubby got a new game for the Wii this weekend - Wii Resort!

It's a lot of fun - fencing, Frisbee, archery, wave boarding, etc. All those resort-y types of things to do.

Cupie has finally gotten the hang of which buttons to press and can read so playing some of the games has gotten much easier for her. She's really funny at fencing. She gets her arm a swinging, gets her body into a little fencing stance, and scuttles forward toward her "opponent".

Hubby was fencing when Cupie piped in that she wanted a turn. Stinkles can't play any of the games and was tired of being the cheerleader and asked to watch Diego.

Hubby was in the middle of a round and told them both to wait just a minute.

A minute ticked by.

Then another.

Cupie asked again.

Stinkles headed over to the game console and very pointedly pushed the power button.

Right in the middle of Hubby's round.

She walked away like it was no big deal. In her mind, she had solved the problem.

Silver Lining:

  1. Is it wrong to laugh behind a book while your husband is sternly discussing the situation with your four year daughter?

  2. The Wii has a built in memory so Hubby only had to start over that one round and not from the beginning.

11 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

Anonymous said...

We have wii resort and it is so much fun. You need to get a second remote so they can play together. Josh plays it, so Stinkles should be able to.

Relationship George said...

Just be careful how long you let hubby play with his wii.

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

Ha ha, that's hilarious!!!!!

Casey said...

Hah, love the fact that your daughter has control over the off button. My son does too since he's tall enough to reach the cable box but it's a disadvantage here since he's always turning it off in the middle of whatever show is supposed to be occupying him for a min while I get breakfast ready.

plainolebob said...

don't you just love it, them kids just know how to do it, then look you in the eye and say, I love you any way.

The Mom said...

I LOVE a girl with a mind of her own - don't you? I can just see Stinkles doing this:):):) God Bless the little red head.

Someone's Mom said...

Good for her...taking charge at an early age! We don't have a Wii (my parents do, and they are in their 80's...they even have the resort games). I can't decide if I would actually get up an use it.


Kat said...

My husband has been trying to get Wii Resort here at the base, but every time they get a shipment they are gone in like a day. Of course never a day we are going to base.

Diggestive said...

Hey I am loving ur blog, please accept my award

FunnyGal KAT said...

Wii Resort is favorite around our house, too. And it's the Pretend Husband who's been known to suddenly shut off the Wii when he isn't getting his way (at least your daughter has age as an excuse!)

Dorkys Ramos said...

Well that settled it!

I've actually never played anything on the Wii even though I just got a free console through work. I should probably connect it at some point.

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