Monday, November 23, 2009

A Day Off

Why do you take a day off work?

A single day.

Not a whole week for vacation.

Just a day.

Most of the time, it's to get something specific done. Get the car worked on, take the kids to a doctor appointment, finalize a major purchase, etc.

My sister took a day off work on Friday. She had to get her car inspected so she could renew her license plates. Sounds like a legitimate reason to take a day off, right?

Totally legitimate if that's the real reason she took the day off.

But that's not why. No, getting the car inspected was a side item that just happened to occur while she was busy doing what she really took the day off for.

What was the real reason you ask?

To go see the new movie aimed at folks about half her age: New Moon.

She dropped her car off at the inspection place and walked (yes, WALKED) ten minutes to the movie theater. At 9:30. In the morning.

And get this, she was bummed because no one else wanted to go with her. Can you believe it? No one else wanted to use up their PTO in order to go see a movie on a Friday morning.

The auto shop was supposed to call her when her car was finished. She didn't get a call during the movie so afterward, she hung out in the lobby of the movie theater for a little bit.

Sissy had a plan. It made no sense for her to walk all the way back over to the auto shop and sit there until the car was finished. All they had was bad coffee and a 13" TV showing only local channels on rabbit ear service.

The Plan:

  • Sit in the lobby, look at watch a couple of times.

  • Stand up and walk around the lobby.

  • Open phone and pretend to make a call.

  • Scan the show times for all 18 movies showing at that particular theater.

  • Pick a show.

  • Nonchalantly, wander into a second movie without paying for another admission ticket.

2012 was showing in about five minutes. After a squeal of excitement and a little skip in her step, Sissy headed over to that theater. So much for nonchalantness.

Almost as soon as she plunked her butt into a seat, she realized she was hungry. She'd been there for a couple of hours already and it was getting pretty close to noon. At the concession stand, she got herself a healthy lunch of popcorn & soda.

She had to risk exposure for not having a proper ticket, but I suppose she saved herself the embarrassment of getting kicked out for making loud and obnoxious bodily noises during the movie. You know there would be some geek there on a Friday who would complain because he couldn't hear the movie due to her stomach growl reverberating throughout the nearly empty theater.

She'd be asked to leave. The geek would reveal that he saw her walk out of New Moon and into this theater without buying another ticket. Judge Wapner would jump out of the shadows, determine that she had defrauded the movie theater, and pound his gavel sentencing her to a year without any Twilight. Oh, the horror!!!!

Good thing she risked it all for that popcorn and soda.

Silver Lining:
  1. We have something new to add to the usual Thanksgiving list. Because of her stealthy ninga-ness in getting in and out of the second movie without getting busted for being ticketless, she did not end up in jail for defrauding a movie theater. Thus, she did not have to make the license plates that are now on her legally licensed car.

  2. I'm a little impressed. She saw two movies, got her car inspected, got an oil change, AND ate lunch all in the span of four hours. Now that's what I call multi-tasking.

5 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I don't get the whole "New Moon" thing. I have a friend who wanted to go at midnight...are you kidding me? She forced me to see the first one (I rented) so we could "talk about it". I just can't get into vampires.


cristie said...

too funny. xox

UberGrumpy said...

ninga? Is that like a gay ninja?

Anonymous said...

What can I say, I am a movie lover. I love the movies. You escape into someone elses world and live in it for 2 hours. Then reality hits, back to your own crappy life- LOL. I didn't want the ride to end, so off to another world to enjoy someone elses ride.


The Mom said...

I can't beleive I missed seeing this blogg........AND, I can't beleive my daughter would "steal" a movie- she is taking after her MOM! Only my friend and I left one movie and went in the restroom. We stood on the toilet seats in case anyone came in to "sweep" the room looking for anyone wanting to go from one movie to another without paying. We still laugh to this day about that little capper:)

Good job multi-tasking. If I had been there I would have gone for the ride with you.

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