Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Wonder

How often do you really see a snowflake?

We've seen pictures of snowflakes. Most of us have made paper snowflakes.

As for the real thing, sure, we see blankets of snow. Fluffy "snowflakes" falling that are really clumps of snowflakes.

When they land on your hand, they melt too fast to really study them.

Or we take them for granted and write them off as, "Great, more white sh*t."

But last night was a rare opportunity. I was walking into Target with Cupie when I happened to look down at my red sweater.

There were bright white flakes that had fallen on me and weren't melting. You could see the hole in the center, the spines with the little offshoots, every detail.

I said, "Cupie, look at the snowflakes on my sweater."

As she stood in front of me, just outside the doors of Target, her eyes grew wider and wider while she studied the snowflakes.

"They're so cool!" she whispered.

That's right kiddo, they're so cool.

Silver Lining:

  1. Once kids get to a certain age, the chances of you witnessing the "Firsts" seem to diminish greatly. This was the first time Cupie really saw a real snowflake and I was there to share the moment.

  2. I realized I would stand out in the cold again and again if that's what it took to see a "First" of any kind. As for Hubby, I'm sure he'll stand outside in the cold to make sure that some "Firsts" don't happen - first car accident while parallel parking, first kiss, etc.

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