Thursday, May 20, 2010

Magic Machines


Very important for life.

Very important for cleaning too.

There are these nifty things in my house that use water for cleaning. Machines you may call them.

There is one that magically cleans clothes. You put the clothes in. You add some soap to the dispenser (the area that says "soap"). Press a button.

Less than an hour later, it's magic. The clothes are clean and ready for the dryer.

There is another machine that magically cleans dishes. You put the dishes in. You add some soap to the dispenser (where it says "soap"). Press a button.

More magic happens in this machine. When it stops the dishes are clean.

It's amazing.

Why is it that I'm the only person in my house seems to be capable of using these machines? There are only three steps to operate either one of them.

I'm going out of town - God help the fam.

Silver Lining:

  1. I'm only leaving for six days.

  2. I'll make sure they have a week's worth of socks, underwear, pants & shirts. Although they may not get out of the PJ's on Sunday, which for them, means changing underwear is optional.

  3. They could be in trouble on the dish front though. There are only ten melamine kid plates and we have two kids and I'll be gone for more than five meals. Good news is we have Corelle for the grown ups - it's is really just the grown up version of melamine. In a pinch, the kids could use the grown up plates. As a back-up, there are paper plates in the cabinet - about three shelves above the Margaritaville Machine (One that uses water of the frozen variety. Of course, Hubby knows how to operate this one. And I'm sure it will get used while I'm gone.)

PS - Hubby, this does not excuse you from attempting to use said machines while I'm away - I just gave you the basic instructions. I'm positive you'll try to keep the house in some kind of orderly fashion while I'm gone (or at least you and the girls will make a mad dash to make it look that way on Friday night before I get home).

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