Thursday, March 31, 2011


CYA - Cover Your A$$

This little acronymn was around long before texting existed. It's a pretty good rule to go by since there have been shysters in the world long before texting too. Also, it should apply to the punks who walk around with their pants hanging below their butts. Buy a belt and CYA!!!

Speaking of punks & shysters, I was visiting the County Assessor's website this morning to see if they had updated the value (or de-value) of our house for 2011. (Actually, I don't know if the County Assessor is a shyster or a punk, that was just in reference to government in general.)

Even though evaluations were supposedly done as of January 1st, there isn't any sign of an update almost three months later. Oh, the speed of government.

Anywho, I took notice of the message on the assessors front page. Apparently, there are even more features and search functions for people to use to nose around in my business.

Yah, if you know my address, you can look up how big my house is, how much I paid for it, what the layout is, how much my taxes are, and a plethora of other busy body information that really isn't any anyone else's business. But in the interest of the "public" at large and people doing their own research before hiring a real estate agent, this is made available for all to see. Remember when you could only get that information from a real estate agent? Then, it was because you had a legitimate reason to know so you could make a decision on whether or not to buy the property. Now, anyone, ANYONE can poke around.

But I did get a little chuckle out of the last part of the message. The part where you can sent them a note about how they're doing or what features you would like to see (click on the pic if you can't see what the arrow is pointing to):

CYA! They even spell it out for you in case you forgot what the A stood for! And they're making sure they cover more than one - Go County Assessor for watching out for your peeps!

Silver Lining:

  1. When our valuation doesn't come it at a rock bottom value, I'll be able to look at my neighbors valuations and recent sale prices to fight back. In that regard, I appreciate being part of the public.

  2. I wonder if "belts" are part of the official dress code of the County Assessor's office. That makes me chuckle.


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