Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kids, You Gotta Love 'Em - I Think It's in the Rule Book

Let me start off with this: I am not an obsessive drinker.

There are a couple of establishments in my community that specialize in adult beverages. One in particular is smoke free - The Domain Street Wine Bar.

The "Wine Bar" is a very small and intimate place with live music at least once a week (jazzy stuff). There are a few tables for two, one round table for 4-6, a corner booth & a long, beautiful wood bar with three framed, vintage looking mirrors behind it. They have outdoor seating which is great for warm days, and there are french doors across the entire front of the bar, so the outside can join the inside on especially nice days. One of the coolest features, in my mind, is a little side room.

The room is separated from the main room of the bar by two, floor to ceiling book shelves. You enter the room by walking in between these massive shelving units filled with books left over from days of the Prancing Pony (a no longer existent bookstore & deli). There are some gauzy curtains to close over the opening if you like, but that always makes me feel a little creepy. It makes me think that the people outside think there is something kinky going on inside.

This room is perfect for ladies night out, book groups, or any other small groups for that matter. I belong to the neighborhood "Needle Arts Group" and we use the room once a month. It's great because there is good food, good drinks & good company. You can imagine what my crochet projects look like by the end of the night. Because the entire bar is smoke free and low-key, it is ideal for a relaxing night out; thus, it's become a favorite.

All of this leads up to my daughter's comment on Friday.

Cupie (from the back seat of the car): I'm going to a birthday party tonight, right?

Me: That's right.

Cupie: Stinkles is going to Tessy & Prancer's church tonight, right?

Me: Yes.

Cupie: And Daddy is going to fix someone's computer?

Me: That's right honey.

Cupie: So what are you going to do tonight, go to the Wine Bar or somethin'?

I almost ran off the road trying not to bust a gut laughing. The truth was, I was staying at the birthday party with her and hadn't been to the Wine Bar in a couple of months.

The things that come out of kids mouths!

Silver lining:
1. My four year old is using the powers of deduction - pretty good at four!
2. I've reminded myself that I haven't had a ladies night out in awhile - I'll have to call the girls.

1 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

Anonymous said...

YUP, gotta love those kids - Always keeping an eye on their parents, hum.........they are very observant, I wonder if my kids did the same thing to me?????

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