Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How Do You Argue With That???

Dinner. It's always a good source of blog fodder.

We hadn't had pizza in awhile and I wanted pizza. I'm the mom and I can make those kinds of decisions.

The pizza was in the oven cooking already when Kate asked me what were having for dinner.

Me: We're having pizza!

Cupie: I don't want pizza.

Me: I know you like pizza. You'll be hungry later if you don't eat with us.

At the dinner table, Rob took over the negotiations.

Hubby: Here, just try some pizza.

Cupie: I don't want pizza.

Hubby: You've had it before. I know you like it.

Cupie nibbles on a piece.

Hubby: Did you like it?

Cupie: Yes.

Hubby: See. I told you, you liked pizza

Cupie: I didn't say I didn't like pizza, I said I didn't want pizza.

Now, I ask again, how do you argue with that????

Silver lining:

  • Our baby is growing up and is actually understanding the nuances of the english language.

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