Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm Going Crazy, Want to Come Along?

That was my dad's favorite expression when I was growing up. He would have the car keys in his hand and I would ask, "Where are you going?"

The response was usually, "Crazy, want to come along?"

The answer was always yes.

My kids drive me crazy sometimes. Take, for example, a recent dinner at the Covey household . . .

Part of the meal consisted of macaroni & cheese. My husband has gotten both girls hooked on BBQ sauce on their mac-n-cheese (GROSS!) so it is now a standard request. One night, we were out of sauce (DUN-DUN, DUUUUUUUUUN).

Cupie: I want some BBQ sauce.

Me: We don't have any.

Cupie: But I want some.

Me: Didn't you hear me? We don't have any BBQ sauce.


This was obviously a lose, lose situation so I did what every good mother should. I ignored her and ate my dinner. Now, don't give me that look of horror! The way I figure it, I didn't throttle her; therefore, I'm a good mom.

Silver lining:
1. I may have broken the BBQ sauce on macaroni & cheese habit.
2. I'm one step closer to the nut house - where I can veg out & sleep all day in a padded room

4 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

Rob said...

Broken the habit, my foot!!! I’ll just have to re-double efforts if necessary…I’m not going down that easy…

Anonymous said...

By the time you get to the nut house you will have earned every gray hair on your head.! Kids have a way of "driving all parent crazy" - just ask mine! Do you really think I acted like this before children???

Danny said...

BBQ sauce on Macaroni and Cheese, a new concept..I think I will find someone close to me to try it. As far as the nut house ask for a room with a view!

Melania said...

From my friend Jen:

I thought of you guys on Sunday as we sat in a BBQ place in Nashville TN. Josh got Mac n cheese with his bbq pork. He said he wanted "sauce" for his piggy so I got him a side of BBQ sauce. Next thing I see him doing is dipping his fork with mac & cheese into the sauce. I just laughed out loud! John wanted to know what was so funny so I asked if he had hung out with Rob in the past few weeks & I was unaware of it....he looked at me like I had three heads....then I had to explain your blog. Then he got it!

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