Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Hard Being This Damned Smart

His words, not mine. When I say his, I mean my darling husband.

When we have a big day coming up (holidays, election, leaving an employer, etc), one week before the day, Hubby will in announce, “It’s the second to last, second to last day!”


He’s been saying this for years and I never really understood it. He could explain it a thousand times and I would get it for the moment and then forget.

Do YOU get it?

Here’s the rationale:

Let’s say Halloween is our big day, which is on Friday, October 31st this year. This is the last day.

We’ll work backward from here.

Thursday, October 30th is the second to last day (we all use this phrase)

Wednesday, October 29th is the third to last day

Tuesday, October 28th is the fourth to last day

Monday, October 27th is the fifth to last day

Sunday, October 26th is the sixth to last day

Saturday, October 25th is the seventh to last day

Friday, October 24th is the eighth to last day. However, this could also be called your second to last Friday. Because Thursday, October 30th is your second to last day already, Friday, October 24th is your “second to last, second to last day.”

OH, MY GOSH! How many years to you think this has festering in his mind? It’s been at least five years because the phrase was first uttered two houses ago. Believe it or not, he thinks this was a stroke of genius! It just came to him one day.

Unfortunately, he is not the only one with a really weird theory about dates. Another time, I’ll discuss my sister, Sissy, and her “pretty number” thing.

Silver lining: Good thing I am not that weird – our kids would really be messed up. Considering both Hubby & Sissy have a thing with dates, it’s coming from both sides of the family. It may be too late, my kids are definitely screwed.

5 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

Casey said...

Um, yeah, about the pretty number thing...I recall that it is BOTH you and Heidi that have number issues. Reminder: 9/11/99. It was all about the pretty numbers. You are all weird. Luckily, I don't hold it against you.

Love ya lots!


Rob said...

Now for the master class - this would make Thursday, October 23 the third-to-last second-to-last day. However, this should not be confused with Friday, October 17, which would be the second-to-last third-to-last day. Don't ask me to explain it - it is the master class, after all.

I don't know why people have such a hard time getting it - apparently my brain is just in a league of its own :-)

Melania said...

9/11/99 was more for Rob. He (or someone) better be calling 911 if he forgot our anniversary. It is still not as weird as his second to last thing.

Anonymous said...

If you ask me - You're ALL NUTS!
However that would include me, because I play the "numbers thing" in my own special way. Yes, it's TRUE, there are many ways to play with numbers. I do understand Heidi and Melania's, but Rob, YOU are in a league all of your own:):)
Love to All
The Mom

Dee said...

Hhmm this is a new one.

Actually it's not bad and you explained it pretty well.

Visisting from SITS.

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