Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Spoon

All my sister & have to say is “the spoon” around my mom and we all crack up.

My sister & I were in BIG trouble one day. So much trouble, Mom sat us down on the living room steps. This is where my parents always sat us when they wanted to talk to us together – I guess the couch was too comfortable and the hard steps were part of the punishment. She had also gotten out the wooden spoon – oh, oh.

So, Mom’s yelling at us. All I can remember right is “blah, blah, blah, AND I MEAN IT!” She smacked that spoon on the top of the knee wall she was leaning on and it split in two!

My sister & I busted up laughing – we couldn’t help it. Thank goodness Mom didn’t have another spoon handy! Fortunately, it was enough to relieve my mom’s anger and she started laughing too.

My mom lost all control over us from then on out. Anytime one of us was doing something that might get us in trouble, the other said, “Better watch it, Mom might get the spoon out.” Laughter would ensue and Mom’s punishments would be lighter. Like being sent to your room for the evening – never mind the TV, telephone & radio we each had.

Silver lining:
1. I learned a valuable lesson that day – spoons are not infallible.
2. I made a mental note not to make my kids rooms so comfortable that it’s not a punishment to be separated from the family for an evening.

2 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

Anonymous said...

THE SPOON!!! Yes, that is a very fawned memory. As I read this little story, I could not stop smiling. The still laugh till this day. Man, we were young...I just remember that wooden spoon snapping in half and I looked at you with big eyes and you and I just started to laugh. I think we laughed so hard we were crying. Remember when "that's a knee slapper" was our thing too!!! Man, those were good times!!! I would like to make a shout out to my MOM for making us laugh when all she wanted to do was punish us!!! WE LOVE YOU MOM!!

Thanks for the childhood story SIS. I need a laugh today. I love you!!!

Love your baby sister.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED that spoon!!! I've never been able to replace it either:( Yes folks, this is only one of my fond memories of my children, and how I lost control (as if I ever really had any). A real KODAK moment, you know what I mean? I will never forget the look on all our faces as that spoon snapped! It flew into pieces within my kitchen and we all started laughing. So hard, I think I wet my pants:) I went from really being angry to laughter in a split second (or split spoon however you want to look at it).

The "knee slapper" story is for another day:)

My Silver Lining:
1) The mothers curse - "I hope you have kids just like you!!!!!:)" (I think it's working:):
2) Children are Gods way of making life fun & worth living.

Love you guys and thanks for making my parenting of you two a really fun trip. May you enjoy your children as much I enjoyed you.


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