Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Goin' to the Courthouse, and We're Gonna Get Married . .

When I was pregnant with my eldest daughter, Cupie, I swelled up like a balloon. I looked more like a bloated sausage than a balloon, but that’s beside the point. I started wearing maternity shirts around four months. My fingers had already started to swell and my wedding ring no longer fit. I was self conscious about the fact that I was obviously pregnant, but now appeared to be unmarried.

I begged until Hubby finally agreed to go to Wal-Mart to buy me some sort of ring. I have a nickel allergy so I couldn't buy just anything; otherwise, I’d be swollen, red & itchy – a real pleasure to be around for sure. We stopped by the “fine” jewelry cases and looked at the plain gold bands. They had real gold bands in all sorts of sizes so I could pick one out right away & wear it as soon as we paid for it.

We had to ask a store clerk to help us because the rings were in a locked case. Of course, she had to stand there & pull out rings as we requested them. Oh, and we noticed later that Rob was not wearing his wedding ring at the time either.

Me: This one fits – it is fifteen dollars.

Hubby: OK, let’s pay and go home.

I shrugged my shoulders and set the ring down.

Hubby: What’s the matter? You seem disappointed.

Me: It would be nice to have something with a little sparkle. There are some nice ones over here.

We moved down a little bit – the clerk moved with us. By this time I had noticed Hubby’s ring was missing. I could totally read the look on the clerk’s face. It was to avoid these looks that I was buying the ring in the first place!!!

Me: This one is nice and it’s only thirty-five dollars.


The only thing that would have made it any worse is if we had blacked out a couple of teeth and stop bathing three days before walking into the store!

Silver lining:
1. I got a sparkly ring and no longer felt self-conscious
2. The second time around, I could care less what people thought. When my ring didn't fit, I didn't wear it. Live & learn.

3 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

Anonymous said...

I guess your little sister was just an unwed, run of the mill, white trash girl while she was pregnant with her 1st baby. HAHAHAHA!!! I got self conscious at the hospital when Mya was born. My last name did not match hers....that's when I really felt unholy and wondering what the nurses were thinking.


Anonymous said...

I remember this event. I laughed the first time I heard you tell this story years ago. And when I was pregnant with Josh and my ring began to get tight I told John the story and laughed all over again. Thanks for sharing again...this story always puts a grin on my face :-) Jen

Rob said...

I still can't believe she actually made me spend 35 whole dollars on a ring. She's so high maintenance...

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