Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sometimes Scary

Don't you think it's scary how well you know your kids sometimes?

Last night we were driving home from an outdoor production of Annie and it was way past the kids bedtimes.

About 15 minutes into the drive home, Hubby asks, "How are they doing back there?"

I turned around and looked. "Well, one is sleeping and the other is picking her nose."

Hubby says, "So, you're saying Cupie is sleeping?"

He was right!

Our three-year-old is a classic nose-picker - grosses me out! How do I stop this???

Silver lining:

1. The mostly enjoyed the show, but it was different enough from the movie that they lost interest. We left at intermission otherwise it would have been way, way, way past their bedtime.
2. Stinkles did say she was hungry at one point, I guess she was just being resourceful.

5 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

chicamom85 said...

That is a cute story, even with the nose picking. That is a tough thing to stop, they just don't get it. If its in there it has to be dug out, whats the big deal?? Lol.


MzzLily said...

What society decided nose-picking was bad? Will they soon outlaw scratching and itch? Kids got it made!

I have two grand-pickers! They do outgrow it, until they get old and stop at traffic lights!

DirtRaceFan55 said...

M- I have no advice for you, I did laugh at the post though. Funny you know - kids do and say the most unusal things! I have seen adults picking their nose too so don't worry.

Doreen Erhardt said...

What a great blog! I wish I could make mine as nice to visit! Really enjoyed it and will enjoy following.

Patty Mooney said...

What about putting a dash of chili powder on her nose-picking finger? (Maybe you can tell I don't have any kids.)

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