Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July 2009

We've had some seriously weird weather here in Pleasantville. Normally, the 4th of July is hot as Hades with a humidity level that rivals the tropics. No amount of de-frizzer is going to save your 'do.

The weekend was looking unbelievably good - 80-some degrees all weekend with a good chance of rain Saturday morning. I swore it was an April Fool's joke, but the applicable grace period for that expired at midnight on April 2nd.

For once, the weather guys were right. It rained (a lot) Saturday morning, but went to mostly cloudy for the afternoon & evening with a few sprinkles here and there. The temperature was awesome, but we ended up with the standard level of humidity - I know Hubby had to change his shirt once because I was soaked with sweat just from being outside.

We headed over to the block party around six-ish and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. All the neighbors had contributed with food of some sort (what's a party without too much food) plus cash for a band and the BIG fireworks.

The kids got to play with water balloons.

And sparklers.

And ate sugary food (heaven forbid they put something healthy, like a hot dog, in their mouths).

We partied with the band right up to fireworks time.

Like I said, we all chipped in for the big stuff. It was a good show.
I didn't time it, but it was at least half an hour.

Then, the party was over. The monsoon had arrived.

Oh well, what's an Island Block Party without a little rain (we had rain for the block party last year too)?

Silver Lining:

1. The humidity didn't hamper our enthusiasm.

2. The rain came right after the fireworks.

4 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

Ric Thompson said...

Classic. Hope y'all had great fun and thank you for taking the time to post everything!

Bre.zDreamer said...

wow you guys look like you had an awesome time! we didnt really do much though..wow a neighborhood block party! thats awesome.. i want to do something like that one day.. we had a Halloween party once and it suddenly just turned into a block party...people just kept coming into our yard and our house >.> but it was fun though!!

The 1.000.000 Project said...

Aaaaaw, that looks like so much fun!! I would like to chant something now; USA, USA!

Chanting session over ;)

Mouthy Housewife said...

water balloons and sugar products. My personal favorites.

Jessica -TMH

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