Friday, July 10, 2009

I've Got Boobs

Recently, I was getting dressed and happened to drop my bra right in front of my three-year-old, Stinkles.

She cupped by boobs and said, "What are these Mommy?" As if the question weren't weird enough, her hands cupping my boobs was just plain uncomfortable.

We've never had any of these conversations in our house because they've never asked.

I bit the bullet, and said, "They're boobs, Honey."

She excitedly pulled up her shirt and said, "I've got boobs too!"

Now she looks at everyone and asks to see their boobs or wants to show off her own.

We've explained that boobs are a private area, but modesty has completely escaped her.

Silver lining:

1. She's only three so it's cute now. We won't find it so cute when she's sixteen though.

2. That first private body parts conversation wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be.

8 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

chicamom85 said...

My daughter is older and they get much worse, sorry. The questions get harder.


Wow, that was awkward said...

No pictures to accent the story?

Rita said...

So funny. Reminds me of two stories. First one was when my niece was about that age and went up to her uncle, yanked her top up and said, "I got boobies, see?" She's 32 now and we never let her forget it.

Second is some of the first words my grandson said. You know, the time when they figure out they aren't supposed to say certain words.

Out of the blues, the little guy would spout off, "Boobies, boobies, boobs, dammit, dammit, dammit." We didn't think he would ever grow out of that stage.

Kids are just too funny.

KeishaMama said...

My 4 year old knows where his boobies are but luckily, so far, doesn't go around flashing or grabbing. When he was born my oldest was just turning 5. We let him believe that his baby brother came out of my gigantic belly. That's what he thought and we were sticking to it. I let him believe this cute little delusion until about a month ago. He's 9. LOL When he mentioned something about it I could hardly believe it but ... it was time to tell him the truth. The look on his face. "Are you serious?" he says. *sigh* "um. yes." I think half-heartedly he thinks I'm still joshing. I didn't get into more than that. He's still little, he'll learn about all that later.

Mikki Black said...

Ha! Wait until she's 12 and you take her into Victoria's Secret with you to spend a gift card you got, and watch her nearly pass out the first time you hold up a thong or a g-string. She'll point a trembling finger at them and ask, "What... are those?" Now THAT's good times. I think she's going to need therapy now.

preciousena said...

Madre mia!!! you're very funny, really. know what? the more we grow, the more we ask difficult questions.

Nicole Vs. Elocin said...

Funny story, you should write a book, your writing style draws readers in!

Nicole Vs. Elocin said...

Your very funny! you should consider writing a book someday, your writing style draws readers in!

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