Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Call From Oprah


When Cupie first started school we were organized. We were ready to go early and got to the bus stop in plenty of time (we only live one house from the corner so it’s not that far a trek).

We’re a month into school and we’ve become total slackers.

She almost missed the bus one day. I just happened to open the door and saw the bus pulling away from the stop. The bus driver was gracious enough to stop in front of our house, but I could read her mind (it’s a gift and a curse) and knew we shouldn’t pull that stunt too often.

This morning, the bus was going to arrive at any minute when we realized she didn’t have her “balloon” money. It’s spirit week meaning Homecoming and the Fall Festival were being held this coming weekend. While in separate buildings, the elementary, middle & high school are all on the same campus so Homecoming celebration type stuff filters all the way down to the elementary school.

Anyway, you can send balloons to different students & faculty members for $.50 (what ever happened to the cent key on the keyboard?) each. They had different colors for love, friendship, sunshine of my life, secret admirer, etc. And she was sending balloons to some friends, her teacher, and babysitters. She doesn’t know it, but I ordered two balloons for her too (Love & Sunshine of my life) – I didn’t want her to feel left out :)

It was okay. I figured I’d just run the money up to the school and get on to work.

But first I needed the teacher’s name for my friend Barbie’s daughter. Called her up (even though she’s right around the corner) and got the information. Turns out, she forgot to send Tessy’s balloon money too.

Sure, I’ll take Tessy’s money up there for you.

I was really hoping she had a reason to go up to the school so I could just go to work.

I cruised around the corner. In my car (walking is highly over rated). I left the engine on, knocked on the door once and walked in. Barbie handed me the money and I could have walked out the door at that moment, but did I?


Barbie and I are natural chit-chatters. Took me half an hour to go around the corner and pick up an envelope before I was on my way to the school. Did I mention I left the engine running?


Let me just say, the school campus is not on my way to work and is out in the sticks.


It is surrounded by cornfields on three sides and there is a farm across the street.

It’s 15 minutes one way as long as there aren’t any tractors in front of you.

And there was.

I got to the school just fine, but it took me at least 25 minutes to get back to the turn off to my house.

Not a car or a tractor in site on my way there. On the way back, while behind the tractor there was either a curve or a car coming on a straightaway.

I had to stop for gas. Remember, I left the car running earlier. I never get gas before the light comes on and during all that piddly-fartin' around behind the tractor the light came on.

Stopped to get gas. This would have been uneventful if I hadn’t gotten coffee.

I promptly spilled that on my pants upon getting in the car.

I finally got to work at 10.

A morning like that just leaves you all out of sorts for the entire day. You need a nap in order to re-set things. Unfortunately, my office doesn’t allow that :(

However, it’s a good thing I didn’t give up on the day and leave early.

Oprah called this afternoon!

Well, not Oprah. And it was an e-mail, but it came from her “people” – how cool is that?

Message *
Hi Pollyanna,

I hope you don't mind my reaching out to you -- I'm a producer at The Oprah Winfrey show and we're working on an upcoming show that you may be interested in participating in.

I read the below message you posted on the savvysassymoms website .. that's how I found you. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience (my contact info is below) or let me know when a good time to reach you might be and I will fill you in on what we are working on!

Pollyanna August 27, 2009 at 12:25 pm
I knew from day one that I was not cut out to be a stay at home mom. I work and it’s my eight hours of sanity
I love my girls with all my heart, but I don’t have the patience to play Barbie all day or interest in coming up with all three meals AND snacks every single day.
For these reasons and more, I fully respect the stay at home mom. Some people are better at it than others.
Regardless, the best moms recognize their limitations, admit their failures and celebrate their successes.

I talked to one of Oprah’s producers about being a mom and how I felt about my kids. Too bad I’m not a raving lunatic otherwise I would have been perfect for the show they were working on. Actually, they didn’t tell me what the show was about, but what ever I said didn’t fit the profile they were looking for.

Good news, the gal really liked what I had to say and she was making notes on me.

Who knows, maybe Oprah will want to do a show about mommies who are optimistic fabric searchers some day. COOL!

Silver Lining:

  1. Oprah’s people called me! The fact that I caught their attention floors me.

  2. Oprah’s people called me! (Yes, I wrote that twice. It’s not a typo. It’s just that cool.)

12 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

Anonymous said...

You ROCK SISSY!! That is so cool that Oprha called you. She's like GOD, you know she's real and all, but how many people really get the chance to meet her!!! HOW FREAK'N COOL ARE YOU!!! Was it Gayle who called you? You know her best friend.

Love Sissy

Miss. Candy said...

That is really great!! I was on Dr. Phil last Valentine's Day, so keep your fingers just may happen!!!! Oh and I am also happy to hear I am not the only slacker that feels the same away about work time!!!

Someone's Mom said...

Well that is pretty cool. Not everyone has a day like yours! Maybe you should write your book now, so when she calls again you can mention it on air...and make a fortune!


Chanda said...

That is so cool that Oprah called!

Madison said...

You never know who's reading these blogs. I work with lots of working moms, but most wish they were home at least half the time. Good for you for knowing who you are.

Jill said...

wooooohoooo... I would flip if I got a call from whoever is associated with OPRAH!!!!!!! Let me know when it's your show day.. lol! You never know they just might call u again for it!

Oh and the cent key I do believe was left back in the day with the old fashion type writers!

Brandy said...

omg oprah called you. seriously awesome.

Big Mama Cass said...

WOW!! That is so awesome! Congrats!!

Sounds like you deserved it after the morning you had!

Lily said...

OMG! THE Oprah? OMG! How cool is that!

Bella said...

This is so funny, sounds like my kinda day except now that I live in LA I don't have tractors in my way anymore, just idiots with a driver's license.

Cougar Tales said...

This is so AWESOME!! I heart Oprah so much!
Cougar Tales

JennyMac said...

This is SOOOOO awesome. I am giving you a standing ovation. (For the Oprah part..not the spilling coffee on pants and getting to work at 10 am part...LOL)

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