Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Saint Gemini the Devout

We have a nifty double oven. It's a Maytag Gemini that fits in the same space as a regular stove. You lose the pots & pans storage drawer, but you gain and extra oven - it's awesome!

Anywho, it is also very devout in following religious fasting practices.

Hubby was re-setting the time on the stove for the end of Daylight Savings time and this is what we expected: 9:37

Instead we got this: SABB ATH

None of the buttons on the stove would work. Not the cancel button, not the clock button, not the number buttons, NOTHING.

We needed the manual.


This "Sabbath" mode would stay in effect for 72 hours. The oven would not turn on for 72 hours. This struck fear in the heart of Hubby. What do you mean no oven for 72 hours?

Back to the manual.


If you push the "Clock" button for three seconds, the "Sabbath" mode would be cancelled.

Hubby jammed his thumb on the button for three seconds. The display started blinking and the time came back.

Woot! Woot!

A heathen dance was performed in the kitchen.

Then there was a beep.

And the display switched back to "Sabbath" again.

Hubby jammed his thumb on the button as hard as he could (I'm surprised it didn't go through the display and into the wall behind the stove). Again, we got blinking. Then, the time.

Now, he went ahead and started the oven. Anything to break the cycle.

The time actually changed by a minute and the oven started warming up.

Ha, HA! Take that!

More heathen dancing ensued.

The disabling the oven for 72 hours to encourage fasting is really a flawed idea. There are soooo many ways to get around it. For example:

  • The burners still start.

  • We have a microwave.

  • We have a ton of cereal.

  • Who said Spaghetti-o's had to be heated?

  • Hubby's been known to open a can of chicken noodle soup and eat it right out of the can.

  • Hello, take-out? We have a drawer full of menus.

I could go on and on, but I'll space you the details.

Hubby pressed cancel on the oven. No sense in wasting energy to warm it up any further.



We have GOT to stop dancing!

Silver Lining:
  1. Hubby finally pushed enough buttons to cause the stove to revert to factory settings. This meant it re-set to 12:00.

    And it's going to stay that way for at least an hour. We'll try again when it turns to 1:00.

  2. Just in case, I've got three boxes of cereal in the pantry and two gallons of milk in the fridge. Good think I'm prepared for these kinds of emergencies.

8 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

Corrie Howe said...

Too funny. I never heard of this mode. We have a grill with a burner on the side for just such emergencies. Actually, the emergency we bought it for was losing power when the hurricanes come through. We've actually had to use it for this reason.

My kids will eat Spaghetti-O's straight out of the can too.

Brandy said...

wow - that's crazy. there have been instances where my oven hasn't been used in weeks. so the sabbath mode has nothin on me.

rachel... said...

I have NEVER heard of a sabbath mode before, but I'm thinking of pretending my washing machine is stuck in one. I'm pretty sure nobody in my house would miss the oven for 72 hours, though.

kavi said...

hei there i am from malaysia so sabbath????
anyway since you like to laugh i thought i'd give you a tale of an event my son has asperger. today while in the train ride home he started to throw a tantrum being use to him i let him hear some music on my new hp this is the first time i did so. he was enjoying himself when he realised something. his teddy was bored too so he took one of the ear phone and put it into the stuffed teddy ears. all the way home'

plainolebob said...

The sabbath, what the is that setting for again, fasting?
Musta been one of them wacky engineers from that little bible college I went to that thunk o that, lucky it was hubby with the thumb, more patience than me.lol
btw. fingers crossed here for you hubby and the kids, kids might want take out though.

Lily Robinson said...

Never heard of such a thing! Do you suppose it was a direct message from HIM?

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Well that is just strange and a little bit disturbing. It is sort of like the oven was preaching to you.


Justasurferdude said...

I like your blog, the name "life makes me laugh" says a lot about your personality and your view on the world. I will spend some more time reading your other posts. Have a great day!

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