Friday, June 25, 2010

Lettin' Loose

I can let loose. Especially when I'm upset about something.

I wouldn't go so far as to say I can "cuss like a sailor", but I've got a mouth on me.

Can't find my keys?

I always put them on the d@mn hook. If he took my . . . Oh, I swear. #*%&! I GOTTA GO! FOR HEAVENS SAKE, WHERE THE H*LL ARE MY KEYS? Crap, here they are. Where's my #*%&ing purse?

I dropped an egg on the floor?
F*ckity, #*%&, #*%&, #*%&!

There's less money in the checking account than I expected?
Where the h*ll are we going to make this up? SH!T, this s*cks!

If I'm not upset, I'm really good at substituting other words:
Gosh Darn

I'm sure you all can figure out what those words are substituting. We all have our own substitutions, don't we?

My friend Demi has a substitution too.

We were in the car yesterday discussing the pending refinance of her house. When I told her an appraisal could cost around $200 - $250, she said, "Oh, swear-word!"


That's not me substituting for her, she actually substituted a swear word by saying, "swear-word."

Silver Lining:
  1. Turns out the cost of the appraisal was already included in the amount she was paying the mortgage broker so it wasn't over & above what she was expecting.

  2. Sorry for the potty mouth post. I'll try to restrain my fingers from only uttering words no more offensive than "crap" from now on.

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