Friday, July 31, 2009

Watch Out Superheros of the World - You've Got Competition

It’s my 100th post!

(As long as you don't count the contact me, profile, etc ones for the nav menu)

Sorry, it’s taken me a whole week to post something new, but I was hoping something extraordinarily funny would happen this week to write about. But it didn’t so I’ve got to reach back into the archives of my brain.

Watch out folks, the dust could choke a small child and send all you allergy types to the hospital for a breathing treatment. I didn’t have to reach back too far, it’s just that I don't like to use my brain all that often.

Back in April, I told you all about the Pleasantville Beer Tasting event. Lots of fun, but last year’s was even better.

In case you’re too lazy to click back to my prior post, I’ll give you a quick run down on how the beer tasting event works:

  1. You pay to get a card listing 20 beers. The card has the name of the beer, country of origin, and a brief description.

  2. You get a 3 ounce cup of each beer (we opted to get 2-4 at a time – you don’t want it to get warm) and the distributors put an “X” through the box to the left of the beer name. You’re only allowed one taste of each unless you’re a pretty good flirt, or you know the people distributing the beer (I had both these things going for me)

  3. The event is 2 hours long.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh (that’s the sound of time going backwards). Ah, we’ve reached Summer 2008, night of the first Pleasantville Beer Tasting event Hubby & I attended, near the site of the first fill-your-beer-tasting-card-first contest.

We filled our cards within two hours. Hubby claimed I cheated because I gave away some of the nastier tasting beers. Not that it mattered, he filled his card first. There wasn’t Moose Drool on the list, but some of it tasted like gutter water.

Using my flirting skills I scored myself an entire bottle of some beer from Brazil – I remember it being the best one. This was after consuming more than the equivalent of a six pack (considering I gave some away) in two hours.

Then, our friends Ken & Barbie knew one of the distributors, and they had extra bottles of beer left over. Scored another beer or two here as well. It was no Brazilian beer, but at that point the taste buds are so numb, who cares?

Hubby and I stumbled over to the amphitheatre to “watch” the band. The amphitheatre was only a block away, but we felt the need to wheel our bikes over because we didn’t want to leave them at the Wine Bar (where the beer tasting event took place – weird, I know). I kept bumping them on the pedals so my shins were bruised all to hell the next day.

We parked our bikes at the top of the amphitheatre and plopped down on a bench. I saw a friend about 20 yards away and told Hubby I’d be “right back” because I wanted to talk to her. If any of you have ever read my post about breaking and entering, you would know that I NEVER come “right back”. After 15 minutes, Hubby came stumbling over and hung out with the guys.

Someone offered him a bottle of beer.

Why would you do that? He could barely stand up as it was.

By this time, I had started sobering up. While Hubby doesn’t remember this, I remember it very clearly.

Hubby came running (in a weaving, stumbling kind of way) with the most excited look on this face (kind of like his proud I-ate-half-a-watermelon smile).

“I bent glass! Look, I bent glass!”

He turned around and repeated this to anyone standing nearby and shoving the beer bottle in their face to show them the bent neck.

This continued for about five minutes as he made his way around to everyone standing in a 10 foot radius.

Someone finally pointed out he was holding an aluminum bottle.

He had tried to twist off the cap (aluminum bottles are not twist offs) and ended up bending the neck of the bottle.

Silver Lining:

  1. I had sobered up enough to remember this proud moment.

  2. While Hubby doesn’t remember, I’ve got witnesses.

  3. Just like this year, we rode our bikes so there was no driving involved. Unlike this year, we had to walk the babysitter home (we didn’t even want to drive around the block).

PS – While we felt the need to move the bikes a block to the amphitheatre, we didn’t feel the need to move them over by our friends. The bikes were completely obscured from view because of all the people there. Good thing we live where we do. They were still there later, and they weren’t even locked up.

15 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

Words by Ali said...

Wow, that is quite the story. I can honestly say I've seen some people do some pretty outrageous things because they've had way too much to drink.
You're an amazing writer. You can really get a person sucked into the story. Keep writing.

The Mom said...

The mother-in-law is laughing so hard I think I wet my pants! I know the place and because I can see the place in my mind, I can see the humor in "hubby" and his "I bent glass" routine - what a proud moment- he could be a stand up comedian:):):):):)

Funny story - thanks for sharing (and so well written)

Kat said...

I want to go to THAT beer tasting! And your hubs sounds an awful lot like mine, maybe they were separated at birth. Cause there was this one time when my husband thought it was a good idea to try to hop over my parents picket fence instead of ya know, going through the gate....

Lisa said...

ahhhhhhh.... another beer afficionado! I love me some beer!

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

Congrats on the 100th post! I just posted my 100th post literally two minutes ago! This story is HILARIOUS.. I spit out some of the water I was drinking too. lol

bookbabie said...

Funny story, I could be the designated bike rider/mover at your next beer tasting, I can't stand the stuff!

Mikki Black said...

20 beers in 2 hours sounds like trouble waiting to happen! Good thing all that showed up was the talent for bending glass!

Happy post 100!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Happy 100th post.

I enjoyed this story. So funny!

Courtney D said...

Sounds like you've met my husband... no wait, sounds like you should meet my husband. Let's just say he bends glass as well... cute story. Also: beer tasting+babysitter+bikes=bliss.

bigmamacass said...

Lol! Sounds like fun!!

- Jan - said...

Congratulations on the 100th post! Keep on going and going and going...
The story made me laugh so hard that my daugther looked at me like I'm nuts or something :)

meandtheblueskies said...

Congrats on your 100th post. What an accomplishment! And what a funny story. Love me some beer. Wish I could have been there. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!

Multiple personalities.. said...

Happy Saturday Sharefest, and congratulations on your 100th post! That's awesome! I'm slowly crawling my way to that number.

Sounds like you and hubby had fun at the beer tasting, most excellent!

Keep It Classy, Jen said...

LOL! Great 100th post! The best part of this story for me was knowing that you understand the importance of not drinking and driving!!

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...


Too funny!

Tania (via SITS)

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