Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm So Stressed About School, I Might Break Out

Not my first day of school, Cupie's!

I’m so stinkin’ tired right now. I was up until 1:30 selecting, editing & resizing pictures for the Cupie Slideshow. First day of kindergarten is tomorrow!!

It was open house at the school last night. Cupie met her teacher, put her supplies in her cubby and got a goody bag. This did not make Stinkles happy. I feel kind of bad for her because Cupie’s getting a lot of attention lately with new clothes, new shoes, new backpack, goody bags, bus assignments, no naps, staying up a little later.

On top of not being the center of attention, last night, Stinkles was mowed down by an obnoxious boy in a green shirt. Knocked her on her buttocks, spilled her lemonade and made her cookie break in two. She didn’t take it so well.

That little boy looked to be a school-ager. I hope he’s not in Cupie’s class. Good grief, he’ll probably turn out to be her first boyfriend. Well, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

Hubby won’t let her have a boyfriend anyway. Not until she’s at least 25 so we’ve got 20 years to go. He’s hardly amassed an arsenal of shot guns to ward off the boys, but he better get going. Ah, I remember way back then. Like me, my daughter is a social butterfly. Hubby is in deep – just ask my dad.

First, it’s that little boy in kindergarten. Then it’s the cutie on the skateboard. Before you know it there’s a peach-fuzzed lip teen ager standing on your door step asking to take your baby to the pizza place in his P.O.S. Festiva. I don’t want my daughter getting into any car called a Festiva – that totally sounds like a “fiesta” and no guy is going to have a fiesta with my daughter!

Am I getting ahead of myself again?

I am? That’s good because Hubby hasn’t started shooting lessons let alone actually purchased a shotgun. Besides, he hasn’t even started to build the shotgun rack he’s planning on mounting within plain view of the front door.

Let’s get back to the kindergarten issues, shall we?

I have to go to the grocery store to get lunch supplies. I’m a working mom. I have a hard time coming up with weekend meals that aren’t the same thing over and over. How am I going to keep Cupie fed seven days a week??? My repertoire is PB&J, chicken nuggets, cereal, fish sticks, mac & cheese, & hot breakfast. There’s more than that, but those are the items of the highest frequency on the grocery list. Help????

We haven’t picked out the first day of school outfit yet. We’ll have to make that a priority tonight. I don’t want to deal with it in the morning. It’s been bad enough lately with the, “Don’t make me tell you to get dressed again. . .” speeches that have become a regular occurrence. And these are just regular ole days – not THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

I swear, the first day of school outfit set the tone for the entire year when I was younger. You either dressed right or you were ostracized from the “IN” crowd for the rest of the year.

So, I went to the:

  • first grade in knee high socks, knickers and suspenders

  • sixth grade in my stretch pants, huge shirt with a side slung belt and earrings the size of your fist

  • tenth grade in my tight rolled jeans, tucked in blousy pirate-ish shirt and hair the size of Texas

We moved right after I had started my junior year of school. I was so ticked off at my mom, I don’t remember what I wore after that.

Sorry about the fashion show. For those that are my age (you know who you are because you are laughing and thinking back to when you wore the same thing), you’re welcome for the trip down memory lane. For those who are younger, Google styles of the eighties & early nineties – trust me, you’ll laugh. For those who are older, go ahead and laugh – just remember you were the ones who thought fashion in the sixties and/or seventies was cool.

I’ve reached the age where I don’t care about being trendy. As long as something is pretty, fits comfortably, and doesn’t require dry cleaning, it’ll do. My boss frowns on pajamas in the work place, but I’ve got these pants that are super stretchy and light weight, it’s almost like wearing PJ’s. I wish I had them in a bunch of different colors.

I suppose I’ll also have to evaluate what I’m wearing at the bus stop tomorrow. I don’t want to embarrass Cupie on her first day. Who am I kidding? I might as well embarrass her – gotta make the money I’m going to spend on therapy worth it!

Silver Lining:
  1. The first day of school only comes once a year. All the stress will be relieved by 8:30 tomorrow.

  2. My daughter is like me – not shy. She shouldn’t have any trouble making new friends. Its one thing I’ve never had to stress about with her.

  3. All of you are going to give me lots of lunch ideas. Lunch stress – relieved!

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11 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

monica said...

So funny! Good luck to your daughter on her first day of Kindergarden! I totally remember the fashion that you mentioned! Thanks for stopping by my place. SITS :))

DirtRaceFan55 said...

Good luck to Cupie and Mom on the first day of K. - Danny

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

We must be the same age cause that is what I wore too :)

Hope she has a great first day!

FunnyGal KAT said...

I don't have any lunch ideas-- I have enough trouble coming up with my own meals so I can imagine how hard it's going to be to figure them out for me and kids! I actually brought a peanut butter and fluff sandwich to work last week because we had no other options. Well, how about peanut butter and fluff for Cupie? It worked for me!

Anonymous said...

I'll be there with you to hold your hand and wipe away your tears while we watch your 1st baby get on the bus to Kindergarden. Cupie will be the most popular girl in class and will be the first to be asked to be quite for talking- LOL.
See you in the morning SISSY. LOVE YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll be there with you to hold your hand and wipe away your tears while we watch your 1st baby get on the bus to Kindergarden. Cupie will be the most popular girl in class and will be the first to be asked to be quite for talking- LOL.
See you in the morning SISSY. LOVE YOU!!!

Briiii_theMoonWillow said...

i voted! sorry i don't comment very often :S

i read all the time and get a a bunch of good laughs but i usually don't know what to say, so i rather not say anything pointless. You're a very great blogger and very hilarious as well! I was just showing your blog to a friend of mine yesterday and admiring how you can always find something to laugh about!!!

I wish you and your daughter the best on her first day of school!

I don't have any ideas on lunch =/

Carson said...

haha. this is funny. check my blog out please.

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

Check out my blog because I left you an award!

Kyrie said...

:) I am good with looking up nice and easy lunch ideas. I hope you are relieved of your stress real soon :o

Anonymous said...

You need counselling!!! Quick!

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