Friday, August 7, 2009

The Narrow Escape

My sister, Sissy(ingenious, I know), is guest posting today. She sent me this little story after returning from a trip to "The Great White North" (aka Wisconsin - I know it's August, but come on, it's Wisconsin, I think they've gotten their first frost already).

In Sissy's words:

Ok, so you know how you tell your kids things that they shouldn’t do and why they shouldn’t do them? Well, I am that kind of mom that speaks the right path, but doesn’t necessarily follow it!

Mimi (four years old) knows about cigarettes. However, I always tell her they are yucky and bad for you. She asks “Why?”

So I tell her cigarettes give you bad stinky breath, stinky cloths, wrinkles and worse, that you can DIE from them.

Granted, I do occasionally smoke however, I NEVER let my kids see me. I usually smoke when I’m out drinking. It just goes with the alcohol, why is that??

So I go on a trip to visit my family. I make sure I bring cigarettes for I know I will be drinking WINE - a few bottles of wine. You know at family gatherings you need alcohol to tolerate it all.

Anyways, the weekend goes by, I had a few smokes, and without thinking, put them in my purse and back home we go.

We get home, unload the car, and unwind from the 8-hour drive. Later that evening, I went to change purses, for the next day I had to return to work. Heaven forbid, I carry around my weekend, PINK summer bag which doesn’t make my work attire.

I place the cigarettes on the table. No need to transfer them to my work purse. The long weekend is over and there is no WINE in the house for me to enjoy.

A few hours later, Mimi comes running into the living room.

”Why do you have CIGARETTES!!”

Like a deer caught in headlights, I just looked at her, my stomach dropped to the floor. My mind is racing “Oh no, what do I say? What do I tell her?”

So I play dumb.

“What, what are you talking about, where are there cigarettes?”

She goes running back into the kitchen and brings them back to me.

One hand on her hip, the other shaking the package of cigarettes around, saying “These cigarettes MOM. Why do you have these? These things are YUCKY!”

Quick on my feet, I play the blame game. “Those must be Great Aunt DeeDee’s. Remember, she was smoking outside during our visit, maybe they got placed in mommy’s purse by accident.”

I continued, “You know mommy and daddy don’t smoke, cigarettes are bad for your health silly.”

Then Mimi is like “Ya, I know, but now we need to drive back up north and give them back.”

I simply said, “Mommy will mail them to her, would that be OK?”

Mimi thought that was a good idea.

WWOOO, that was a narrow escape, mommy got away with that!

Silver lining:

1. Even grownups still lie like little kids, we've just got more practice. Mental note: HIDE what every you don’t want your kids to see.

2. Kids are gullible and believe Mommy & Daddy know everything. All this will come to a screeching halt by the time they've reached six or seven, but we can live in bliss until then, right?

9 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

Diane J. said...

That is funny. My husband nicknamed me the "Fastest Liar in the West." Due to my ability to think up lies instantly. Gee, that doesn't sound so good, does it? But hey, what else are you going to do when the tooth fairy forgets? In case you're wondering, I told the boys (it was the twins and they each had a tooth for her that night ~ no that does not usually happen) that their room was probably too messy and she couldn't get to their teeth.
Silver Lining: They cleaned up their room right quick.

Love your blog!

The Masked Mommy said...

haha! I am not a good liar! :-)

FranticMommy said...

I call it "creative fibbing" which is legal, of course, when used to save one's BEEhind while parenting!
Great blog! Thanks for stopping by.
..hold the basil please.:)

Queenie Jeannie said...

You really shouldn't smoke!! THEY ARE SOOOOO YUCKY!!!

Leslie said...

Stopping by from are like elephants...they never forget. You might want to give Auntie and "heads up" on ciggies!

Debbie in Nashville said...

What at great story!!

Just stopping by from SITS!

Have a great day and Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

JennyMac said...

Oh, that is good. And yes, sometimes we do what we have to do. And aren't the "white lies" we are telling? And are they really so bad? LOL.

candiacrew said...

Stopping in from SITS. It's nice when they are still cute and gullible.

The Mom said...

Been there, done that and now I can sit back and watch in humor:):):)

YES, the "apple still doesn't fall from the tree"! I can just see Mimi with her hand on her hip while showing you the pack of cigs (so much like her mom, she is)!!! In the words of her mother, I'm shouting "BUSTED!:):):)"

And don't think for a moment, this child you gave birth to, won't remember this-the lie only works once:):)

Funny story and well written.

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