Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Big Box Guilt

I accidentally scammed a big box chain yesterday.

Really, I didn’t do it on purpose.

I bought some candles using coupons, making them only a $1 each. If you bought five of said candles, you got a $5 gift card for the store. Essentially, that made them free – yay!

I went through the check out line, got my gift card and was on my merry way.

Once I got to the car and started thinking about the transaction, the total seemed too high. I checked the receipt and sure enough I was charged too much on three of the candles (without regards to the coupons).

It wasn’t a ton of money and was going to let it go. But then I started looking in my bag at the other stuff I had bought and the total on the receipt and decided I really didn’t need the candles anyway. So I went back in the store to return them.

The gal at the service desk was very cheerful and was happy to accept my return. This was very unusual because I’ve met my share of crabby customer service people at this store. I pointed out that I had used coupons and she said there wasn’t anything she could do about that and she had to refund the full amount on a store card.

I had forgotten about the $5 gift card I already received in making the purchase in the first place. The bottom line is I had given them $6.50 + coupons for the merchandise, but I ended up with $20 in store credit.

I feel a little bit guilty about that.

I told you all that to get to the “ding-dong you’re a dork” part of my story.

I went to one of the big box chain stores today. I had some kick-*ss coupons for Chex Mix that when getting the store to price match to a printed sales flier from another store, made the Chex Mix FREE! I’m all over free stuff!

Once I got into the store, I realized the price per bag was only a quarter more than if I went ahead with the price match. Considering, I had unintentionally scammed them yesterday, I wasn’t going to push the issue and use up some of the $20 credit I had.

I gathered up nine bags of Chex Mix, a bag of Tostitos, and two TGIFridays Spinach & Artichoke dips and made my way to the check out counter.

The cashier grunted, “$12.04.” Just the total, no “That’ll be $12.04” or “$12.04 please”.

I swiped my debit card, punched in my pin, took my receipt and bags, and headed for the car.

Once I sat down in the car, it hit me.


Silver lining:

  1. I don’t think anyone else saw me smack the heal of my hand against my forehead V-8 style. Yah, it was loud enough to make a smack sound. Left a pretty red mark too.

  2. My conscience still has a guilt-ridden $20 to spend.

7 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

Corrie Howe said...

Wow! That's amazing. Isn't it ironic how some things work out?

And am I really the first one to comment today?

Who isn't a comment junkie? ;-)

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I'm one of those people that gives back the change if it is a dollar too much, points out a mistake so the cashier doesn't get in trouble and so on...until, they argue with me. I've had people tell me that I'm wrong when I know I'm not...and they refuse to take the money back or ring up the correct price. At that point, it is just their loss. You were honest...just enjoy it!


Kitty said...

I hate it when that happens! My husband and I made a special trip out to eat at this expensive restaurant that we love. Because we had a coupon, we ordered the works: appetizers, bottle of wine, fudge cake...We had such a good time that we merrily paid the bill and walked out the restaurant without ever using the coupon. We didn't even remember until we got home...I guess that's what a bottle of wine will do!

Mommy Inbetween said...

Oh uhm I had to grin while reading that... Sorry!
But this is what life is like and could have happened to me, too. And well as Sue said, you were honest so just forget it and be happy for your $20 gift card :-)

The Mom said...

Evidently God figured you got a terrific deal already - save your coupon for another day.........

plainolebob said...

Polly,I love it when that happens, it just doesn't happen anuff. lol

Cougar Tales said...

I have given you several awards! Stop by to redeem and thanks for all your inspiration!
- Cougs

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