Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quadward - Honestly & Randomly

Count them:

Four awards!

All given to me by Cougs at Couger Tales. She's a fellow Babe and SITSta and definitely a good read.

How wonderful is this?

It's such a fantastic surprise when ever one award comes my way, but four? At the same time?

Well, let's just say, it blew me right out of my chair.

Or was it the Pleasantville wind? We're famous for our wind. Not really, but it's pretty gosh darn windy. I refer to my house as the "Red house on the prairie." Because I don't have any neighbors on either side of me and when the wind kicks up, you might as well be on a prairie because there is no protection.

As I didn't have the windows open this weekend, I'm pretty sure it was the awards.

I'm not know to be short-winded myself so I'm making this part one of four. I'll be passing out three more in the next week or so. But let's get started with this one:

Honest Scrap. What does that mean?

If you say it out loud, it sounds like "Honest Crap." Not to diminish the award in any way, but wouldn't this be a more appropriate award for me? Honestly, the fact that you all like my crap enough to come back time and time again is what should be blowing me out of my chair. What the heck, I say, "Cheers! To a sore arse for hitting the floor every time someone leaves me a comment or becomes a follower." Raise a glass of what ever liquid deliciousness suits your fancy.

In order to fully accept this award, I need to share 10 random things about me.

And, since it's Random Thoughts Tuesday, I'm counting this as my post for that as well :)


So here goes:
  1. In the fifth grade, I punched a boy in the jaw.

    I could feel his fingers on my back as he was getting ready to snap my bra. I clenched my fist and swung straight back with my arm. Totally caught him off guard - it was awesome!

    He never bothered me again.

  2. I suck at math. I'm an accountant and without an adding machine or a spreadsheet, I'm lost when it comes to numbers.

    Hubby, on the other hand, is a whiz at it and never lets me forget. I've completely given up on this aspect of my life. I don't even try anymore, I just look at him. Or if someone talks number to me and he's not around, I just say, "Hubby's the numbers whiz, I'll have to talk to him about that." Sad, but true.

  3. Speaking of spreadsheets, I'm an expert.

    I love how all my linked up spreadsheets calculate in seconds when my co-workers are busy entering the same information multiple times in multiple spreadsheets. If they would just listen to me, their lives would be so much easier. Gee, that sounds conceited.

    Oh well, sometimes the truth hurts.

  4. I make all my own curtains.

    I'm too picky to buy anything ready made. They either aren't long enough, full enough, or interesting enough.

    Or they are too expensive. I'm cheap that way. I made fully lined curtains for my dining room window for about $15 bucks. Ceiling to floor. Woot! Woot!

  5. I don't understand how I can wash all the light one day, and run out of underwear three days later.

    Seriously, there is a black hole with all my underwear. Each time I do the laundry, it eats up another pair.

    I'm lucky I'm not negative on underwear right now.

    One of these days, I'm going to catch that black hole in the act and I'm going to re-claim fifteen years worth of underwear. Well, maybe only six or seven years worth. The ones older than that probably don't fit anymore.

  6. I once worked for a company that did not allow paper clips and ALL faxes were printed on green paper.

    That's not green as in environmentally friendly. It was actually green colored paper.

    They spent a fortune on binder clips. A paper clip box has, like, a hundred paper clips in it. A binder clip box has twelve clips and costs three times as much per box. You do the math. Better yet, let Hubby do it.

  7. I have had someone from every state except Alaska visit my blog.

    Where are all the Alaskans? Do they not like to laugh? If you know anyone in Alaska, send them a note telling them to read my blog. Really, then I can stop stressing over this point and move on to getting people from the 198 countries of the world to read my blog.

    I'm almost national. Now, I want to be global. I want to spread laughter to every corner of the earth. Come on people - help a gal out!

  8. I paid for college all by myself.

    I spent two years at community college and two years at a university.

    No scholarships. No grants. No hand outs from Mom and Dad.

    I've since paid off all my student loans too.

  9. I bought my first home when I was 23.

    Idiots! What business did any bank have giving a 23 year old a mortgage for twice her annual salary? Gee, guess this mentality is what got us into the housing mess we're in now.

  10. I'm a Daisy Girl Scout leader.

    What was I thinking? It's actually a lot more involved than I thought. I used to teach Sunday School on a weekly basis so I should be able to handle meetings twice a month, right?

    Well, not only to I have to actually plan the meetings (they gave me a detailed, step-by-step book for Sunday School), but I have to attend two different leader meetings a month. There are special events for the girls - skating, lock-ins, camps, etc and I have to help with these things too.

    Really, though, I'm loving it. I want my daughter to have a better Girl Scout experience than I had growing up. As far as I knew, Girl Scouts was selling cookies, making a craft once a month, and bringing a snack to the meetings once a year. I want Cupie to enjoy being a Girl Scout AND learn what being a Girl Scout is all about.

You all have a little bit of scrappiness in you so I think you all deserve this award. Share your "Honest Scrap" or "Honest Crap" - I look forward to reading it.

Now, head over to Cougs' place to experience her own brand of scrap.

And you need to stop by Keeley's place for all the other randomness floating around in the blogosphere.

And finally . . .

Silver Lining:
  1. At that job with the weird paper clip rule, I had the best boss I've ever had. He taught me more about my profession than any classroom ever could, the importance of work/life balance, and that sometimes you have to make your own fun.

  2. Proving that those bankers were idiots, I couldn't afford my home and a single gal's lifestyle. I had to get a second job to do so. That's how I ended up being a Domino's Pizza delivery driver - where I met Hubby.

  3. That boy in fifth grade didn't turn me in to the teacher. I think he was either too stunned or too embarrassed to get hit by a girl.

17 People Laughed Along With Me, Won't You?:

Corrie Howe said...

I don't know if this counts, but I was born in Alaska. I read and follow your blog. :-) If you read and follow mine, you know that I love to laugh.

plainolebob said...

Polly, you always make me laugh those people in Alaska need to get outta them igloos and lern to laff.
You deserve all them there awards, you just need a bigger shelf to put em on, have the hubby do the math.

classroom fundraiser said...

Wow im pretty impressed with all these awards...you must really be a STAR :)

Stopping by from SITS to say hi. Happy Charity Tuesday

I am Harriet said...

Great way to take care of the boys :)
Congrats on your awards too :)

Have a great RTT!

blueviolet said...

The fact that you have no loans left is phenomenal. That's very rare these days.

Spreadsheets look like gobbledygook to me.

JennyMac said...

Congrats on your awards! Well deserved. And way to go, 5th grade Rocky Balboa. LOL.

And big bravo on buying the first house so young. SO impressive. I have one friend who did that...while others were blowing every bit of cash.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Congrats on all the awards...well deserved! It is fun reading your list!


Captain Dumbass said...

My province touches Alaska, does that count?

Oh, and could you make me some curtains? My windows are as long as a bus. And pink. They came with the house.


~Kristen~ said...

Stopping by from SITS!!! GREAT post!!! I am enjoying your blog! :-)

Cristin said...

Oh, I suck at math too, I think I'm acutally allergic to it, headache, hives, nausea... really... I think I need to take a nap now just thinking about damn numbers.

Judy Harper said...

I've seen your name several times on the SITS roll call, thought I'd come over and check it out! Good Blog! I'm also an accountant, and I love numbers. When adding numbers, sometimes I'm faster than the calculator. Now if I could just be faster at cleaning the house! lol Hope you have a Happy SITS day!

Fredd said...

I became a home owner for the first time at age 40. Back in the good old days (14 years ago), the bank required 20% down and good credit.

I am constantly amazed at 23 year olds who own homes now. And not just starter homes (aka 'dumps'), but pretty nice digs, when I was 23, I was a renter without even a dream of owning anytime soon.

Are you still in your home, or did the bubble catch up with you? Just curious.


plainolebob said...

Polly, I need your help.
Bob has decided to let me select the winners for our award this week.
I have decided to let all of the past winners pick their favorite blogger for the award. If you decide to pick a blogger in your name, please let me know your pick, if you are too busy I understand.

Pollyanna said...

Hi all, Pollyanna here. I've had a few questions/requests I need to respond to.

Captain: Sorry, Google Analytics doesn't recognize touching (appropriate or not), but you technically count as a foreign country (as long as you don't consider Canada the 51st state). As far as those windows, I have some left over butterfly & flower material - would that work for you?

Fredd: No, I don't own that home any more, but not because of the bubble. I've gotten married & moved twice since that place. It was small, less than 1,000 sq ft. It amazes me that my current home is twice as big, but the mortgage is 5X - how unfair is that? Sadly, the dream of home ownership has slipped away from so many in these times.

Everyone: Thanks for the congrats. Stay tuned as I need to write about the other three yet. And I'll be stopping by everyone's blog, just give me a little bit to do so - I like to know more about my readers :)

Aliceson said...

We live in a wind tunnel too. Drives me nuts!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Debbie said...

I popped over from SITS. I loved reading your list. You are an interesting and funny person! Love the bit about the paper clips.

Fredd said...

If you made your own curtains, then you certainly made your own Halloween costume, am I right?

(I made mine, a pretty creepy Frankenstein getup, it gives my daughter the heebie jeebies, and she's 8)

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